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About ZoP

A Zone of Possibility is a place where individuals can overcome the constraints of expectations and power structures to make things happen. Helping citizens participate with each other in groups (a Zone) calls for orchestrating social supports (via navigation and bridging aids) so that citizens can benefit from the ideas of others (Possibility). ZoP Space is a digital zone and a social enterprise that engages with a wide range of challenges from social regeneration to work place problem solving. ZoP.Space is a spin out based on outcomes of the Learning Layers project.

The ZoP team is working on different projects with the aim of answering the following research question: In the context of socio-technical environments, how can the design process and design thinking advance or bridge our social/cultural capital?

Team members

Prof. John Cook

-Project Manager-

Dr Patricia Santos

-Research Fellow-

Khawar Hasham

-Lead Developer-

Rik Lander

-Lead Developer-

Contact Us

John Cook

Email:John2 dot Cook at uwe.ac.uk